ASSUREd Safe is a federated ecosystem to educate, train, test, and certify first responders’ use of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) in the United States and ultimately across the globe.


In order to strengthen national security and resilience to crisis, ASSUREd Safe works with first responders to ensure they can employ UAS to contribute to public safety and quickly enable recovery.


ASSURE Overview

ASSURE is comprised of 29 of the world’s leading research institutions and more than a hundred leading industry and government partners. ASSURE members are core to four FAA UAS test sites, lead four FAA research centers, and have a multitude of UAS ranging from small drones below 55 pounds to the largest UAS at any US academic institution at 1800 pounds.

This alliance features expertise across a broad spectrum of research areas, including: Air traffic control interoperability, UAS airport ground operations, control and communications, detect and avoid, human factors, UAS noise reduction, UAS wake signatures, unmanned aircraft pilot training and certification, low altitude operations safety, spectrum management and UAS traffic management.

ASSURE possesses the expertise, experience and influence that the FAA Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems demands.


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