ASSREd Safe UAS - Law Enforcement Training

TRACK: Law Enforcement

The Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) First Responder Training for Law Enforcement is a specialized program tailored to empower law enforcement professionals with the knowledge and skills required to proficiently utilize UAS technology in various operational scenarios. This training is designed to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies, enabling them to leverage the latest advancements in UAS technology for improved situational awareness, surveillance, and crisis response.
  • Introduction to drone applications in law enforcement.
  • Legal and ethical considerations specific to police drone operations.
  • Basic flight training and tactical maneuvers with quadcopters.
  • Techniques for using drones in locating missing persons and evidence.
  • Real-time data streaming to incident command and search teams.
  • Integration of drones with K9 units and ground search teams.
  • In-depth exploration of legal considerations in high-stakes operations.
  • Case studies and analysis of legal challenges related to drone use in law enforcement.
  • Strategies for maintaining compliance and avoiding legal pitfalls.

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