ASSREd Safe UAS - Fire & Rescue Training

TRACK: Fire & Rescue

The Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) First Responder Training for Fire Personnel is a comprehensive program designed to equip firefighting professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively utilize UAS technology in emergency response situations. This training aims to enhance the capabilities of fire departments by integrating cutting-edge UAS solutions into their operations, allowing for quicker, safer, and more efficient response to incidents.

  • Overview of drone technology and its applications in firefighting.
  • Introduction to regulations and safety guidelines specific to firefighting operations.
  • Basic flight maneuvers and hands-on training with quadcopters.
  • Introduction to search and rescue (SAR) principles and drone applications.
  • Practical exercises in locating missing persons and assessing dangerous areas.
  • Collaboration with search and rescue teams and incident commanders.
  • Simulated fire response scenarios incorporating drone usage.
  • Practical exercises in assessing fire spread and identifying hazards.
  • Communication strategies with incident command during drone-assisted operations.

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