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CNA is a nonprofit, independent research and analysis organization dedicated to the safety and security of the nation. Established in 1942, CNA is a pioneering force in operations research. Its foundation rests on the belief that direct collaboration with operators and decision-makers in the field is crucial for comprehending and optimizing intricate, dynamic operations. CNA comprises two distinct units: the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), serving as the Department of the Navy’s Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), and the Institute for Public Research (IPR), offering direct support in over 580 federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies in achieving their mission objectives. CNA’s diverse capabilities encompass Systems Modernization, Data Management, Data Science, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Operational Research and Analysis, Training and Technical Assistance, Supply Chain Analysis, Exercises and Wargaming, Climate Change and Security, Global Security Environment, and Public Health and Emergency Management. Drawing from expertise in domains such as aviation, justice and law enforcement, homeland and national security, counterintelligence, and international studies.

Supporting partners and clients such as the FAA, NASA, FEMA, NIST, and state-level authorities, CNA has assumed an impactful role in integrating Uncrewed Autonomous Systems (UAS) into operational contexts and in the advancement of the Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM), Urban Air Mobility (UAM), and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) on international, federal, state, and local levels. CNA has been a trusted partner of the FAA, supporting a broad range of aviation research and Air Traffic Management (ATM) programs. CNA also provides expertise and support in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, harnessing their potential within the public sector.

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Addam Jordan
Director | Development Initiatives Chief Scientist | Center for Enterprise Systems Modernization CNA | Institute for Public Research
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